Where Can You Find Adaptogens

Herbal adaptogens come from various plant species and may support your hormones, adrenals and libido:

● Panax ginseng – increases energy, reduces stress and supports immune system
● Ashwagandha (aka withania or indian ginseng) – reduces anxiety, supports sleep and regulates stress response
● Astragalus – combats fatigue
● Cordyceps mushroom – boosts libido and stamina
● Rhodiola – regulates hormone production, reduces stress and improves mood
● Holy basil (aka tulsi) – reduces stress and anxiety
● Liquorice root – supports healthy oestrogen levels, improves sleep and has a calming effect
● Maca – supports sex hormone secretion and adrenal gland stimulation

Orgasm: An Adaptogen At Hands

Oh yes, that’s right! Orgasms are more than just something to get your heart beating fast and giving you toe curling pleasure, they are actually good for you. Orgasms are a very effective adaptogen. When you orgasm, you release oxytocin (also known as the love hormone) which increases feelings of affection and social bonding. This can also include affection towards yourself and increase feelings of self-bonding and self-love. Oxytocin counteracts the negative effects of cortisol making it a stress reliever and anxiety reducer. Orgasms increase circulation to the pelvic floor muscles and organs, this improves blood flow, stimulation and nutrient transport to vital areas. Increasing your blood flow to the area will also regulate and support a healthy libido.

So, if you’re feeling stressed or anxious, have an orgasm. Feeling fatigued and run down, have an orgasm. Need a little extra emotional connection, give yourself some lovin’ with your favorite toy or find someone who respects and values you and have an orgasm.

By Lily Zurlino, Clinical Naturopath from BareHealth

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