This story begins well but ends well or not, I really don’t know. This story is about my revenge on a married man. The man – I loved madly, dearly and wanted to live my whole life with – changed me forever.

My story is that of the single girl falling for a married man. Things were going great, I had thought he really meant his promise, but then…

(As told to Joie Bose)

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How I Took My Revenge On A Married Man

I called him Mr. Big like Carrie Bradshaw did. Just that my Mr. Big was married. He was so married that he knew of all the disappointments that marriage entailed and was determined to drill that into me. His determination at it overtook his love for romance and his love for me. On hindsight, I wonder if it is love that makes you selfless and marriage selfish. I wasn’t like this, always. I may be sounding cryptic now, so let me start at the beginning.

The beginning of my love story

“But Kali, you are not dark at all. You are like Snow White! Why on earth did your parents name you this?” he asked me, his wide eyes boring into mine. I blushed. It had been two years since we were dating.

And yes sleeping together as well. We had just finished a session of love making and I was exhausted. Happy and exhausted. I wanted this every night, everyday. Not just when he could escape the clutches of his wife.

“I dont know the reasons. Just as I don’t know the reasons as to why we cannot be together for real,” I replied after a moment. “We will be. Soon. I promise. Just let the business take off,” he had replied.

He never had plans of leaving his wife

His father-in-law had invested in his business. I knew it for sure since his father-in-law was a distant relative of ours. In fact, that is how we had met. At a relative’s wedding that we were both attending.
His wife wasn’t attending it and we had become close. It was perhaps love at first sight for me. Then we kept in touch. Since we were both working in Mumbai, we began meeting up. Then love blossomed.

“What about your wife?”
“What about her? I’ll divorce her of course.”
” Promise?”
“Pukka promise.”
“What will everyone say?”
“We will manage something”

I never thought I will get dumped by a married man

That was only the second time we had had that conversation but as the weeks passed by and the ‘soon’ never appeared to come closer, it became more frequent. Words changed of course, but the content remained the same.
I started having doubts about his plans of leaving his wife. He convinced me though that he would. I melted. I never thought of taking revenge on a married man then.

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He got me a diamond ring

One day, it was probably the third year of our relationship that he got me a diamond ring. I was elated. He came and said he would be filing for a divorce soon. How I hate the word “soon” now.

I had started window shopping for clothes and was wondering what to wear. My parents coming from a relatively small town were keen on me getting married.

The moment he left, I called my mother to tell her all about it. The grand affair I was having and how it would be culminating into a marriage. I had thought she would be delighted.

“What are you doing, Kali? You are an absolute disgust to our family. A homebreaker? My daughter? Marriage is pure. You are an impurity. What did you do for the last four years, Kali? Don’t ever call me again!”

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It was all downhill from there

That was it. That’s how it ended with my mother. She had probably told our family for soon after that everyone stopped calling me. Even my aunt’s cousin, who used to stay in Mumbai, stopped taking my calls. And then one day, Mr.Big stopped taking my calls. Our story had spread and how?

I never knew at that time that I had been dumped by a married man and the rest of my life will be now spent plotting revenge on an ex.

I was rejected by my married lover

I went over to his office in desperation breaking our code of never meeting or acknowledging our connection in public, only to be treated with disrespect. “What is wrong with you?” I had asked him.

“What is wrong with you? Why did you tell your mother?”
“You wanted to marry me!”
“Please lower your voice. Please take this money and leave. I am a happily married man.”

He became the much married man, my married lover who rejected me on my face.

I never knew I will be dumped like this

How people change! How people lie. How people kill with words. How people destroy with actions. How I got destroyed! I was rock when I had first come to Mumbai but I was a pile of debris, then.

It’s been 3 years now. And I have changed. I didn’t have the strength in me to face Mr.Big but one day I will. I still see him in every man and I am afraid to fall in love. I can’t fall in love. In fact a demon was born in me. I have become the She-Devil.

A demon devoid of love, who gets pleasure in destroying marriages for I believe marriages and love, everything is fake.

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I took my revenge on a married man

Revenge On A Married Man

Took her revenge on a married man

I met Sushil soon after. Sushil had joined my office and was married as well. I felt a little attracted to him and he showed more than just flippant interest in me. Then I found out that he too was married.

Marriage didn’t hamper him from getting attracted to me. And that’s when it struck me. He was Mr. Big as well, not the Mr. Big I was in love with but you know… Had it been my Mr.Big, what would I have had done? I would have wanted to tell his wife. I would want the world to know that I am not the evil one here.

So I played along with Sushil, but this time I had a plan. I went out on dates with him. We even went to Goa for a weekend. I took plenty of pictures. And we kept the fact that he was married, absolutely out of our conversations.

Meanwhile, I had befriended Sushil’s wife on social media. And on Valentine’s Day, I put up a hundred pictures of Sushil and me! Conveniently, I called in sick for a week and had switched off my phone. When I returned to office, Sushil’s desk had been cleared out.

His wife had blocked me on social media. I knew I had served my revenge – to not just to one man but to the concept of marriage. Fidelity is a farce. I had taken my revenge on a married man.

I was on a revenge-taking spree on married men

There was Prashanta, Nehal, Aniket and Zoravar after Sushil. All married. All whose wives have me in their block list. I am viewed as a vamp by people around me.

But hey, I am a victim of circumstances but they don’t see that. They are scared of me. I don’t have any friends, but I don’t care.

I have learnt to become my best friend. I am at peace. One day when I am stronger I will get in touch with Mr. Big and make his life a living hell. He has a daughter now. She is three years old. One day, I will make her hate her Daddy. That’s my promise. That is when my revenge on a married man will be complete.

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