When it comes to getting inspired for your next steamy session, straight couples tend to have an easy time of finding positions that are tailored to them. One click on the internet, one quick read of a blog post- the advice is everywhere, now here you can find some of the most used positions por lesbians sex.

Two beautiful sexy lesbian women in erotic foreplay game

This isn’t always the same story for gay and lesbian couples, despite LGBTQIA+ rights coming a long way in recent years. It’s true that lesbian couples can learn about lots of positions from watching lesbian porn, but much of this is still created for the men watching it, and many of these positions are far from possible for the average person. It’s a good thing that there are lots of lesbian-friendly videos out there now to show real, honest positions that everyone can try.

Whether it’s porn or erotic fiction you feel most comfortable with, it’s something the Kamasutra only helps with. This age-old practice has always celebrated sapphic sex and lesbian pairings, promising an intense, spiritual form of sex that some people only ever dream of. And that’s not the only wonderful thing about the Kamasutra; with these teachings also comes a whole host of sex positions deigned to give lesbians a tantric experience unlike any other. Now lesbian sex has a huge number of positions.

#1 The Rocket

The Rocket is one of those positions that people often see in porn when it’s directed to match the male gaze, but that’s not all there is to it. It’s called the Rocket for a reason, and not just because it delights men. As an easy, accessible position that guarantees incredible clitoral stimulation, it should be at the top of your list of lesbians sex positions to try.

Begin by having
one woman lying down on the floor, with her knees bent for extra support. Then,
you should stand overhead, easing yourself down slowly until you are in
kneeling position, and your clitoris is flush with your partner’s mouth.

You’ll be able to
tell pretty quickly that this particular position allows your partner full oral
access to your clitoris and breasts. She will be able to control just how much
pleasure you feel with her tongue, and you can use your legs to move into it
with ease. To make sure you both get the most out of this, switch places to
build up the pleasure before moving onto another position.

The rocket posture. Lesbians sex.

#2 Doggy Style

Some people think Doggy Style is reserved only for straight couples, but nothing could be further from the truth. As many lesbian couples embrace their kinks, it is becoming increasingly popular with everyday people. Though this position can be enjoyed without a strap-on or dildo, some couples prefer to use one to maximise pleasure. It’s also a great way of experimenting with domination and role play in the lesbians sex.

A big part of
getting this move right is finding a strap-on that is comfortable to use.
Beginners may wish to go for a smaller model, while experienced couples can aim
to go for bigger or vibrating models for more stimulation. After finding your
strap-on, make sure to use plenty of lube to allow for deeper penetration. This
way, you won’t be left in any discomfort during sex.

If you’re open to
take this position further, you could try bringing anal play into it. It’s
important to note that while this isn’t for everyone, you shouldn’t feel
embarrassed if this is something you’ve been wanting to do. Your partner can
either use her fingers to pleasure you anally during Doggy Style, or you can switch
to pegging if this is something you’ve both been fantasising about.

The doggy style. Lesbians sex.

#3 The Scissors

When people first
think of lesbian sex, this is the position that usually springs to mind. As one
often seen in porn, and iconic lesbian films like Blue is the Warmest Colour,
it’s an intimate, sensual position that ensures both parties can experience
pleasure. It is also quite a versatile position, as you can try it in almost
any room of the house.

Fortunately, you
also don’t need to be the most flexible person to try it, even though you might
not get it right on the first try. The clue is in the name when it comes to
this position. Start by sitting down facing each other on a bed, sofa, or floor,
with your legs parted. From here, move forward until your clitorises are
touching, and your legs are spread as if they are scissors.

You can choose to
stay lying down, with your heads further apart, or with one of you riding on
top. It may take you a while to find a way to make it pleasurable for both of
you, but once you hit the right spot, it’ll be easy to move together until you
both finish. Remember, if there is any unwanted friction between you, you can
always add lube to make the movements smoother and more stimulating.

The scissors. Lesbians sex.

#4 The Classic 69

As with the Scissors, the 69 is a position that benefits both people in the lesbians sex. It’s also not one that you’ll have trouble finding inspiration for, as it’s seen a lot in porn films. Popular among the straight, gay, and lesbian communities, you might wish to be more intimate with your partner before you give it a go. This is largely because it’s a position that leaves you both physically very vulnerable. However, if you’re hoping to introduce it to your next hook-up or escort meeting, there’s nothing to say you can’t give it a go.

No matter who
you’re with, you can use this position as extra-steamy foreplay, or as the main
event. To get into it, make sure you’re lying down on the floor or your bed,
before parting your legs and having your partner climb on top. Make sure their
mouth is on your clitoris, and vice versa, giving you both unfettered access to
pleasure each other with your tongues. You can also use your hands to provide
manual stimulation at the same time. Anyone concerned about hygiene may wish to
wash with a PH-balanced soap beforehand to avoid any possible discomfort.

The classic 69. Lesbians sex.

Final Thoughts

If any of these
positions look familiar to straight and gay couples, it’s because they are.
Most of these positions can be adapted to suit any couple, no matter your
gender or orientation. They promise an intense sexual experience when you pair
them with traditional teachings of the Kamasutra.

No matter who you are, you should always remember that consent and safety comes first with sex. Your partner, hook-up, or escort for the night will have boundaries- in exactly the same way you do. As long as you’re both happy with what’s about to go down, you’re sure to have a mind-blowing night in each time you give these positions a go, In addition, you can also try stimulate the erogenous zones for a more pleasant moment.

Remember, you can
make any of these positions more pleasurable by introducing toys, by adding
more lube, or by starting off with an erotic massage. There are also way more
positions to try
than just these four classics. If you’re adventurous, you
may wish to try variations of these positions by adding someone else into the
mix. As you can see, the possibilities are endless. Even if you’re new to the
game, you’ll be bringing your fantasies to life in no time.

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