I had to have him!

I pulled away and before he could comprehend, I pushed his back to the bed, hungrily dragged his briefs down his waist to reveal his fully erect rod, throbbing from side to side.

I flung the briefs to the floor and straddled him.

Almost impatiently, I guided my waist on top of him…

He grunted as my walls gripped him. I felt his hands take hold of my breasts and I slid down, down until he was completely buried inside me, then I pulled back up, and went down on him again, trailing him with warm wet juices

It felt so delicious!!

My waist began to rock faster, moving in different angles as the sweet sensation sped through me.

My nipples were between his fingers and my hands pressed down on his chest as my waist rode him.

Our cries echoed….

I could feel him, thick and heavy inside me, brushing as I guided my waist to corners that tickled me the most.

I felt in charge. I felt powerful, I felt beautiful as I sat in control, on top of this man.

I wanted to look at him, but I kept my eyes shut to feel every moment, every sweetness… every thrilling sensation as it continued to build in my center, and sweep down my legs.

When I leaned backward and planted my hands behind my feet, I felt his right fingers leave my breast and settle on my clitoris – his thumb rubbed the tip of my clitoris at the same time that my waist rocked forward and backward on his length….

This man was driving me to cloud 9

As both hands continue to work on my nipple and clitoris at the same time, warm fluid gushed out of my urethral opening and I whimpered.
It drowned his moving finger and splashed onto his stomach

“Oh yea-aahhh” he groaned and I didn’t stop.

I was now moving in lightning speed, my mouth was agape, eyes shut tight as I felt myself about to explode completely…

He groaned persistently, he was getting there too…

I could sense him, just as I felt my walls contrast and tingle until I quaked uncontrollably, erupting in a satisfying climax!

His seed, almost immediately, filled me up.

…The EnD.

Written by Kylie Joy Terundu.

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