The fires started in 2019, around September / October, as the hotter weather came through to our beautiful country we started to endure bushfires before our usual bushfire season. These fires clearly got out of hand due to poor management from our Prime Minister and State Officials, I won’t get into all that as pointing fingers and playing the blame game is useless. As the months got hotter these bushfires caused havoc right through most of Australia.

In December / January is when these fires got ridiculous, with smoke hitting New Zealand and causing the glaciers to go black. Our cities and suburbs were filled with smoke from the fires causing poor air quality however nothing compared to what our fellow human beings, firefighters and volunteers were facing.

Late last year I was in the middle of getting my store ready, and with everything that was happening it wouldn’t have been right to advertise + I wanted to wait till Christmas and the holidays were over. Earlier this January I decided to put together some merchandise i.e. stickers & beanies where all profits would go to a trustworthy charity or organization, we [ You & I ] raised $300AUD in total revenue. I’ve decided to adopt two koalas which are currently being cared for at a Koala Adoption Centre. These beautiful animals were the most effected, along with kangaroos and our other beautiful wildlife, in total half a billion animals lost their lives <3

I will update this section with adoption certificates, photos of the koalas and further information.

I want to thank each and every one of you, shake your hand and hug you all of you, regardless of donating or not, you sent your love, thoughts and prayers – this was more than enough. We felt the love from the whole world, the whole country, and every brand and influencer which stepped up and came together when our leaders weren’t there.

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