About The Brand

The company specializes in creating premium cannabis accessories such as grinders, smell proof bags and pipes. They were established in 2018, proudly from Toronto, Canada. They’ve been featured as Amazons Best Choice for their very first Titan Crusher Grinder. Titans engaging approach with their customer base allows the team to take on constructive feedback and continuously innovate their products and improve the experience for their customers. We look forward to seeing what Titan put together in the future and their journey.

Why We Love This Grinder

We have been blessed with the Titan Crusher grinder which also comes with a strong grip around the unit ensuring less stress on your hands. For the clumsy ones you’ll be supported by the magnetic lid to avoid any spilling of your herbs and offers safe keeping for your flower. Remove the lid and you’ll be greeted by the 50 Sharp Diamond teeth which are designed to cut through any herb, even the stickiest cannabis, combine all that and this product will provide you an effortless grind every time.

Photo Credit | Titan 420

The brand clearly care for their customers as much as they care about their products. Your new grinder includes a cleaning brush allowing you to clean and maintain your newest item just as the day you got it delivered. Talking about lifespan, Titan provides you with a lifetime warranty on all their products. It is very simple to use, clean, and not bulky to travel with. What I like best about this grinder is it’s so bold, yet so simple. Very classy and elegant, with one of the smoothest grinds I’ve experienced. It could be because Titan Crusher is made from a high quality durable aircraft aluminum material, that’s anodized to protect it from any peeling, corrosion and scratches.

In addition to all of that, the lovely people at Titan have included a specially made pouch to store your flower discreetly thanks to the advanced carbon lining layers which makes this pouch totally odorless, perfect for traveling.

Photo Credit | Titan 420


So do we recommend? Definitely. It’s easy to travel with thanks to it’s size and the included smell proof bag. If you are someone who looks for longevity and performance in products, this is a herb grinder any cannabis user should consider having in their stash box.

How To Order

You can find the whole collection including the smell proof pouches which are sold separately as well. Once you enter their website you will be greeted with a beautiful and easy to use interface, in-depth descriptions of each product and a plethora of photos. Checking out is as easy as pie, it’s a 3 step process starting with entering the standard details, selecting your shipping preference and finally moving onto payment which they safely and securely accept credit card. You can visit the website using any of the links below.

Cannabis Grinder

Titan 420 Black Grinder
Includes Odorless Travel Pouch

Titan 420 Gold Grinder
Includes Odorless Travel Pouch

Titan 420 Silver Grinder
Includes Odorless Travel Pouch

UFC Fighter & Titan Brand Ambassador Elias Theodorou | Photo Courtesy Of Titan Brand

About Shipping and Returns

Everything this brand does is for the consumer experience, they offer free shipping across the US & Canada area, if you are experiencing issues with your product you can simply contact Titan and their team will be more than happy to help you. If you are an avid Amazon shopper you’ll be happy knowing Titan products are available on Amazon, this means you get reliable shipping that you are already familiar with.

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